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Contact information

T: 418 656-2131 x.12347
F: 418 656-2623
General informations: info_wio@copl.ulaval.ca

Submitting a paper

The proceedings will be published online in the IEEE digital library.

Poster Submission Deadline

If you would like to participate to the workshop with a poster paper, please submit a your abstract (250 words) by July 6th to registration_wio@copl.ulaval.ca

Papers must be recieved by July 20th.


The IEEE manuscript template files can be downloaded from the table below. They can also be found here.

Microsoft Word US Letter (doc, 98 KB)
LaTeX Archive Contents Unix (tar.gz, 655 KB) Windows (zip, 674 KB)
LaTeX(Bibliography Files) Unix (tar.gz, 307 KB) Windows (zip, 309 KB)

Submission Procedure

  1. Prepare a 2-to-3 page paper in MS Word, LaTeX or PDF format, in US Letter size, according to the IEEE specifications and templates.
  2. Convert your article to PDF and check for compatibility with the latest IEEE Xplore PDF Specification at the IEEE PDF eXpress Plus site. http://www.pdf-express.org/plus
    • The conference ID is WIO12wkx
      Instructions on how to use the IEEE PDF eXpress Plus tool can be found here

    The IEEE PDF eXpress Plus tool allows to convert your source file to PDF. It accepts many file types, such as MS Word, WordPerfect, LaTex, RTF, and others. If you send a PDF file, it checks that your PDF file satisfies the IEEE requirements. IEEE PDF eXpress Plus requires registration, in which the above conference ID is needed.

  3. Send the approved paper to Registration_wio@copl.ulaval.ca .

  4. Authors are required to fill out the IEEE copyright form (PDF file, MS Word document) and send a scan of the signed copyright by email to Registration_wio@copl.ulaval.ca .